Interview and Group Exercise Coaching

Interviews & Group Exercises can be a challenge. Let us guide you on how best to prepare with our range of online and group training services.


Airline interview and airline group exercise coaching

Helping you to make the right impression.

We have lots of experience helping pilots achieve success during their interview and group exercise assessment phases. Our team of Wingmen understand that this can be a daunting prospect for any pilot, whether aspiring or experienced. That’s why we have a range of group and 1-2-1 interview and group exercise training options available to help you ace your assessment. 

“Techniques Not tip Offs!” Flight Deck Wingman believes that relying on inside information on recruitment processes is not an effective way to prepare! That’s why we will train you in reliable and easy to follow “Techniques” to be successful with any assessment process. Read on to discover more…

Our Group Courses

Join one of our group courses and learn the techniques to be successful with any Airline or Academy assessment.

Join our group courses and let Flight Deck Wingman equip you with all the essential tools and ‘know-how’ to be successful at any airline selection and assessment process. With “Techniques Not Tip Offs” as our mantra, you will be trained in simple frameworks that you can replicate for any assessment process. For more details and to book onto a course, check out our “Academy Assessment Preparation Course” & “Airline Assessment Preparation Course” pages.

For clients that are not able to attend a group course, then check out our range of Skype services shown below! We offer 1-2-1 bespoke training and practical coaching sessions, that will ensure you are fully equipped to shine at your assessment.

You can buy our highly useful Guide to Passing Interviews & Group Exercises for just £50. Click here to buy your copy now.

Whatever option you choose, invest in your future by making sure that you give yourself the very best chance of passing your assessment process. Train to Prepare. Prepare to Succeed. Get Yourself a Wingman!

Our Online Training & Assessment Options

If you can’t attend one of our group courses, then learn from the experts in how to handle an airline interview & group exercise assessment, with our range of online Skype training services.

This service is our top level online service. In this dedicated 1-2-1 session totalling 4 hours, you will work exclusively with your Wingman across a range of areas. Firstly, you will be trained in our reliable “Techniques Not Tip Offs”  for both the interview and group exercise phases, including all the “traps” that candidates frequently fall into. Next, you will have an opportunity to put the techniques into practise with a 1-2-1 interview session, including invaluable feedback from your Wingman. 

This service can be split over two modules – the training module, which lasts 3 hours and the practical interview, which lasts 1 hour. Your Wingman will advise on how best to approach this on an individual basis. Our online “Guide to Passing Interviews and Group Exercises” is included for free with this course (normal retail price £50)

If you are just looking to prepare for the interview phase of an Airline or Academy assessment, then this 2 hour initial session of interview coaching is for you. You will be trained in our reliable “Techniques Not Tip Offs”  to be successful with any interview.

We recommend purchasing a copy of our Online “Guide to Passing Interviews and Group Exercises” ahead of your coaching session. (Available to purchase when you complete your booking priced £50).

We recommend completing the 2 hour initial coaching session first, but if you just want to top up on your interview answers, then you can always book in for some extra time in blocks of 30-60 minutes!

If you want to go right on in there and have a mock airline interview and assessment, then why not check out our Airline Pilot Skills Test page! A great indicator of your readiness for any Airline or Academy assessment!

You can buy our highly useful Guide to Passing Interviews & Group Exercises for just £50. Click here to buy your copy now.

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