Application Question Support

All the help you need to complete your application form questions.

Help for pilots with airline application forms and flying academy application forms.

Helping you get through the door

Great news! You meet the entry requirements. Now all you have to do is get through that tricky application process and through to the assessment phase… Don’t worry – we got you! 

With our Application Question Support service, we can help you answer all of those tricky application form questions. So whether you’re applying for a pilot role with an airline, applying for pilot sponsorship schemes or to a flight school, we can help make your answers shine! We are all current airline pilots too, so whatever your question, we are sure that we will be able to help! 

Train to Prepare. Prepare to Succeed. Get Yourself a Wingman! 

Do you need help answering questions as part of your Airline, Flight School or Scholarship application?
Flight Deck Wingman is on hand to help you craft the perfect responses.

Got some tricky questions to answer as part of your application? Flight Deck Wingman can help!

e.g. “In no more than 200 words, tell us why you are applying for this role and what skills you have that will make you an asset to our operation…”

Make your answers stand out from the crowd by making them company specific and demonstrating why you deserve the position!

Who’s it for?

Anyone! We help with:

  • Airline “Essay Question” answers.
  • Flight School application question answers.
  • Sponsorship applications.
  • Non native-English speakers who may need a little more help with their answers.
  • Any other aspects of an application form.


What’s included?

  • Book time in blocks of 30-60 minutes face-to-face Skype time with your Wingman. If you are unsure of how much time to book, just contact us – we’d be delighted to advise.
  • Detailed content discussion to answer your application question(s).
  • Essential pilot competencies and integration into your answers trained and discussed.
  • Training on how to integrate your chosen airline or flight school’s ethos into your pilot application questions.
  • Leave the session with the “Techniques” to independently re-attack and significantly improve your answers, or book more time with your Wingman to finalise your answer(s).


How it works

  • Book your service and attach your current question(s) and answer(s). 
  • Your Wingman will review your answer(s) ahead of your session.
  • Meet us on Skype at your booked time – we’ll give you our Skype details.
  • We get started! Your Wingman will be making use of ‘screen sharing’ and work closely with you to develop your pilot application answers.

Flight Deck Wingman can help with any area of your pilot application process!

General pilot Application Support

If you need help with any other aspect of your application, then we are here to help. Just book your slot in 30-60 minutes and let’s get started on helping you get your dream job on the flight deck.

Need help with your pilot CV?

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Need help with your pilot Covering Letter?

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