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Recent feedback on our airline interview and airline application support service.

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Applying to any airline is a process that frequently sees fierce competition from other candidates, combined with demanding selection processes from airline recruiters. Our team have passed multiple airline selection processes on their first attempts and with ‘in house’ training to support you.

Hi Andrew. Great news - I got the job with Virgin and received the contract yesterday.
I just wanted to say thanks for all of your help and advice, I know it’s a business for you but you clearly have a real passion for helping people maximise their potential and reach their goals. I felt confident and well prepared going into the interview, and although you can’t predict every question it gave me a great foundation to set off on and that set the tone for the interview.
Military Pilot / Virgin Atlantic
Andrew provides an expert level of advice and guidance, I felt I was one step ahead of the assessors and interviewer throughout the whole process because of the preparation I had received on the IP to Flight Deck course. There is no need to look anywhere else.
Military Pilot / British Airways
I found the course very helpful and also compliments very nicely any personal prep done beforehand. I’d say that your own personal preparation creates a lot of useful dots of information in your mind, the flight deck day then helps to join these dots to create a solid model for what is required to approach recruitment processes.
Current Airline Pilot / British Airways
His techniques and teaching methods were unique. Andrew’s years of experience within the airline industry and air forces speaks for itself and certainly knows what’s required to pass. After attending a full day course of training I was more confident to pass my upcoming assessment. I am pleased to say after attending this course I passed my first airline interview thanks to flight deck wingman. I would definitely recommend anyone in using Andrew’s services and would happily use it again.
Aspiring Pilot / FlyBe
I attended a Flight Deck Wingman interview preparation day and a matter of weeks later got offered my first airline job from the first interview I attended. I attribute this success largely to the Flight Deck Wingman team, who not only teach you the techniques to recognise and know the style of answer and competencies that the assessors are looking for, but also give you the confidence to deliver them in a first class manner. I would absolutely recommend Flight Deck Wingman as a necessity for anyone looking to ensure they give themselves the best chance of securing a job.
Aspiring Pilot / FlyBe
As an Aspiring Pilot, I was recently unsuccessful in a selection day and decided to seek some advice from Flight Deck Wingman. Andrew invited me onto the ‘Airline Pilot Day Course’ which highlighted the fundamental areas of selection and what the recruiters are looking for. From previous selection feedback, I struggled to describe my experiences in a way that would showcase the desired competencies and skills. However, exactly one week after the course, I was able to put everything into practice and I’m delighted to say that I have been offered a place with a major UK Airline Academy.
Aspiring Pilot / Ryanair
I would like to thank Andrew for his recent excellent guidance; firstly in helping me transform my CV into a thing of beauty, but also for the brilliant airline interview preparation day. The CV rewrite certainly worked, as I have been offered several interviews and assessments with major airlines, and have already been offered a position with Ryanair. His interview preparation advice (for me, as someone with very little interview experience) was really well delivered and pitched perfectly.
Aspiring Pilot / Ryanair
Andrew came highly recommended from colleagues who had recently used FDW to help transition to a new company. He was exactly the service I needed to offer invaluable support which fully prepared and specifically tailored my interview style.
Current Airline Pilot / Virgin Atlantic
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