Top Gun!

It could be argued that any true pilot will LOVE Top Gun! For those not old enough to remember it, or for those that haven’t seen it, you HAVE to check out one of the most iconic opening scenes to any movie EVER! Steam catapult launches and landings onboard the floating airfield that is an aircraft carrier – as epic as it gets! For me, it was the movie that ignited my passion for aviation and I would give one of my flying arms to have be launched from a ship from 0-200 mph in just a couple of seconds! In this episode, I’m super excited to be talking to a pilot that has not just experienced the reality of this, but who will also be talking about loads of other cool things that will get that adrenaline flowing!

“Call the ball!”

Simon “Scranbag” Rawlins pictured on the left and Andrew “Scrabble” Neofytou of Flight Deck Wingman pictured third from left during their “Wings Ceremony” in 2001.


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