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Flight Deck Wingman works with other companies involved in pilot recruitment and training.

We work closely with other organisations involved in pilot training and recruitment.

Applying to any airline is a process that frequently sees fierce competition from other candidates, combined with demanding selection processes from airline recruiters. Our team have passed multiple airline selection processes on their first attempts and with ‘in house’ training to support you.

Aeros Flight Training

Established in 1986 with bases in Cardiff, Coventry, Gloucester, Nottingham and Doncaster, Aeros has cemented its reputation as the UK’s leading modular flight training school. We are open 7 days a week and have the knowledge, experience and courses to suit all aviation requirements.

Our students receive one-to-one instruction, this allows us to tailor every course and deliver our unrivalled 100% first series pass rate. We have graduates flying all over the world with airlines such as British Airways, Emirates, Ryanair, Flybe, EasyJet, Swissair, Norwegian and many more.

ACS Flight Training

ACS Flight Training has been training pilots since 2007 and is the leading Commercial Flight Training Organisation in Scotland. Centrally located in the heart of the country with easy access to Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen, it is the perfect place to start commercial flight training. Graduates go on to start their flying careers with airlines here in the UK and around the world. If you’re looking for a career as a commercial airline pilot, If you’re looking for a career as a commercial airline pilot, the ACS flight training modular training approach allows you to go from zero experience to Airline Transport Pilot’s License (ATPL) in under 18 months. ACS flight training is proud to recommend Flight Deck Wingman as a leading training provider of Airline Pilot Application and Assessment support and services.


UKFlying was established in 2015 to assist military pilots with their transition into the commercial aviation industry. At that time it was difficult to establish which courses were necessary for military pilots, not to mention that courses were overpriced, it was time for something to change. By working with various flying schools UKFlying negotiated shortened courses at the most cost effective prices for military pilot conversions. Having built a following of military pilots, UKFlying began to receive requests from aspiring pilots wanting to join the airlines and so the commercial side of UKFlying was born. 

UKFlying now assists hundreds of aspiring airline pilots with all of their training needs. Our free service looks at your previous experience and qualifications, future employment aims and requirements and recommends the most appropriate and cost effective route. We work closely with 14 different providers, having collated feedback from all of our students, to ensure that the schools we recommend are the best and most costs effective available in the market. We appreciate the huge financial commitment when embarking upon airline pilot training and understand the life changing decision that you are making. Our customer services team work alongside qualified instructors and examiners to ensure the best training route for you. 

Pilot Aptitude Test – Readying you for your pilot aptitude testing stages

Established in 2011 and built by commercial pilots, PilotAptitudeTest.com has helped over 20,000 pilots to prepare for their computerised pilot aptitude test. Accessed through a web browser, the online preparation software by provided by PilotAptitudeTest.com enables pilots at all stages of their careers to prepare for computerised pilot aptitude tests using theoretical content and activities modelled on real-world assessments. Whether you’re attending assessment at a flying school for the first-time or are an experienced flyer taking the next step in your career, PilotAptitudeTest.com provides the tools to help gain an edge on your competitors.

CRM Aviation Europe Ltd – MCC/JOC and UPRT training organisation

CRM Aviation Europe, has established itself as the leading modular provider of Advanced UPRT-Aeroplane, JOC and MCC Courses in the UK. Offering professionally delivered competency based evidence training courses in our EASA Approved Alsim ALX simulator and our Slingsby Firefly aircraft with industry leading instructors.

Our mission statement is clear – ‘To offer professionally executed commercial flight training courses at value for money rates in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere

CRM Aviation, are a 21st century modern ATO, understanding that YOU are the customer. We are very straight talking and all of our highly experienced instructors are current with airline SOP’s and can be invaluable assets in your crusade for that first job! Our aim is to make you as ’employable’ as possible. Our modern, purpose built training facility at White Waltham Airfield in Berkshire, England, boasts the latest facilities, making every students experience first class.

Aspire Flight Training

ASPIRE FLIGHT TRAINING believes in training excellence by using the best instructors with specific expertise and experience of the aircraft type being trained. We lead regional aviation training excellence through collaboration with partner training organisations, educational facilities and UK regional airlines. We appreciate the difficulties many pilots are currently facing in light of Covid-19 and are committed to doing everything we can to help and support.

The British Gliding Association & UK Junior Gliding

Exhilarating, affordable and inclusive, gliding is enjoyed by people of all ages, physical abilities and backgrounds. It can be as exciting and challenging as you want it to be, and there are many diverse aspects to discover. At Flight Deck Wingman, we are passionate supporters of the sport of gliding as a fantastic way into an aviation career. For younger members joining the sport, The British Gliding Association has set up a network of Junior Gliding Centres (JGCs) to help you get what you want out of the sport. Each centre is part of a leading BGA affiliated club and is just the place to meet up with other young pilots, develop your gliding skills and have a great time. Everything is set up so that you’ll feel part of the gang from day one and can get straight down (or up!) to flying and having fun.

Motion Flight

For pilots. By pilots. Motion is a London Gatwick based flight simulator and training provider. We are run by pilots. For pilots. We are now providing a service specifically for pilots who have been affected by the COVID pandemic. We have introduced highly economical rates to help you maintain skills and stay current during these uncertain times. Whether you have been furloughed, made redundant or have recently finished flight training and are unable to secure a job, we are here to help where we can. All of our simulators have a flight performance data-pack. If a simulator is to be used for training then it is vital that it has one. A simulator without a data-pack is an arcade.

The CTP – Official provider of Armed Forces resettlement

The CTP provides resettlement services for those leaving the Royal Navy, Army, Royal Air Force and Marines. Regardless of time served, all members of the Armed Forces can benefit from CTP support when leaving Service. To date, the CTP has assisted over 235,000 Service leavers with the transition to civilian life and supported thousands of organisations looking to employ ex-Service personnel. Flight Deck Wingman are delighted to have been awarded the title of “Preferred Supplier”, providing resettlement training to Military Pilots as they transition into the world of commercial aviation.

FSM Professional Flight Training

Do you have an upcoming Airline Simulator Assessment or just want to brush up on your skills? The check out FSM Professional Flight Training. Real simulators at half the price of anywhere else, plus a highly experienced training team. FSM offer you a wealth of experience from pilots who have flown for nearly every major UK airline. We also have several current serving pilots working with us to ensure we keep up to date with different airline trends. We have successfully guided hundreds of pilots from the RAF, training school and other airlines, into their new positions. FSM will tailor the exercise to both your background and the airline of your choice.

Freelance Aircrew

Freelance Aircrew provides allows pilots to do contract work when they want. As pilots themselves, the founders of Freelance Aircrew have been frustrated getting requests to do freelance work when it doesn’t suit, or as operators having to spend time and effort trying to find pilots at short notice. The solution is Freelance Aircrew. A global database where pilots are in control of their availability and a solution that saves employers time, money and effort when trying to fill short-notice crewing requirements. It’s FREE for pilots to create a profile and it works.

Assessment Day

Got an upcoming pilot assessment? Then make sure you practise some psychometric testing! AssessmentDay was setup to help graduates and job seekers find out about the psychometric tests commonly used by employers. By being familiar with the style and layout of aptitude tests, knowing what to expect, and knowing how your score will be used, candidates are less flustered and are better able to perform to their best ability. AssessmentDay was created by a pair of engineering students from Bristol University who found a relative lack of reliable, free practice tests available that accurately reflected the tests employers were using. So they decided to get test writers to write some practice questions for all to share. Some of these professional test writers have worked for major psychometric test publishers such as SHL, Kenexa, PSL and Talent Q. So as a job seeker you can be confident the questions on AssessmentDay accurately reflect those you will have to face online or at an assessment centre.