Military Pilot Transition Courses
Military Pilots

For pilots who have served in the armed forces looking to transition to civilian airline flying.

Military pilot transition courses for military pilots seeking an airline job

Nobody has got your 6 covered better than Flight Deck Wingman.

Military Pilots – trust the experts. We understand you better than any other company in the industry. With a team made up exclusively of ex-military pilots who have all successfully made the transition, we can help you make an effective move into “civvy street”. Our team come from backgrounds in rotary, multi-engine and fast jets, and have gone on to fly for some of the biggest airlines in the industry like Emirates, Jet2.comVirgin Atlantic  British Airways and even NetJets. We are always on hand to chat through your options and of course to make sure that you make the tricky transition successfully. If you are a UK military based pilot and have military training credits available, check out UKFlying, who can offer your guidance on the best way to gain your EASA licence.

Train to Prepare. Prepare to Succeed. Get Yourself a Wingman!

Recent Feedback

Flight deck wingman gave me the tools and know how to thrive at the assessment day. Andrew really gives you the confidence to prepare and challenge yourself - not only on the day but with a personalised service afterwards. Cannot recommend this service highly enough and a MUST for any potential airline pilot. Thanks!
Military Pilot / TUI
I can’t say enough about the service that Flight Deck Wingman provides. The insight and depth of knowledge into the airline assessment processes is, in my opinion, unrivalled and the key to success. The thought, attention to detail and delivery of the preparation package demonstrates that he genuinely cares about your future and gets a kick out of helping people to gain that all important airline job.
Military Pilot / British Airways
Using FDW's insights, I have created a professional CV that is my own work and entirely personalised. It has been time well spent; my new CV has helped me to interviews with BA, TUI and Norwegian and job offers are starting to emerge too! FDW's service has been really genuine and I'm very grateful for the continuing words of wisdom and sound advice that come with it.
Military Pilot / Major Airline
I elected to attend FDW’s 'IP to Flight Deck Course'.Having not attended an interview, or any form of selection, for over 16 years, the wealth of industry experience and knowledge that Andrew and his Wingmen offer was fundamental in my success in securing an airline job.Andrew offers techniques which are easy to follow, but more importantly extremely effective when employed during selection.
Military Pilot / Major Airline
With Andrew’s help I wrote a CV which helped me obtain interviews with 5 UK carriers, and I am now about to embark on a new career with a major UK airline on the 737-800.  Thanks Andrew, I couldn’t have done it without you!
Military Pilot / Major Airline
With Flight Deck Wingman’s coaching I sent out three CVs, got three invitations to Assessment Days, and ended up with three job offers. This is a result I could not have dreamed of 12 months ago and I can honestly say the path would have been much less smooth, perhaps even treacherous, with out FDW guidance.
Military Pilot / TUI
The CV & Covering Letter service is fantastic. It ensured the necessary information was included in my CV to make it as appealing as possible to the company I was applying for. I then attended an ‘IP to Flight Deck’ course and the content included in the course meant I went to the assessment day fully prepared and confident, making it an enjoyable experience. All of the FDW services has led to another client successfully transitioning from military to the civilian aviation.
Military Pilot / TUI
I recommend FDW services to all military pilots transitioning to the civilian world. His “successful techniques, not tip-offs” mantra means you have the practical methods to pass any airline selection and smoothly convert to civilian life. Thanks again Andrew.
Military Pilot / TUI
Thanks for all your help in preparing for my airline selection. An invitation for interview within 2 days of submitting my CV created with your help was much quicker than expected and a testament to the quality of your training! Combined with the expert advice gained during the IP to Flight Deck course meant I was completely prepared for what was to come. Aside from that, being able to message or call outside of the courses makes it feel like a very personal service and is why I have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone looking to go down the same path.
Military Pilot / Jet2
Andrew’s product is an absolute no-brainer for anyone considering leaving the service and the courses are a lifesaver while balancing exams, studying for licenses and interview preparation. The techniques taught will also allow you to prepare for almost any industry, not just a career in commercial aviation and I have also recommended his courses to several non-military people trying to get jobs in the industry.
Military Pilot / NetJets
For anyone approaching Service exit, do not underestimate both the highly competitive selection environment and the strong competition you will encounter. Both are not insurmountable, however, Andrew and his team at Flight Deck Wingman will provide bespoke support to realise your full potential, communicate your experience effectively and sell yourself, something many service personnel, including myself, do not find a straight forwards, natural process.
Military Pilot / Major Airline
Over the past year I have applied to 3 major UK airlines and I have secured employment with all 3.  Prior to undertaking this journey I contacted Andrew and used Flight Deck Wingman’s "Full CV Service". I have no doubt that the only reason my applications made it thorough the initial stage of screening is due to the changes that Andrew suggested.
Military Pilot / British Airways
I can’t recommend attending one of Flight Deck Wingman’s ‘IP to Flight Deck’ Airline Preparation Day Courses highly enough. It’ll send you on the path to success.
Military Pilot / TUI
The NetJets interview went really well. I felt like I aced it. The Skype coaching was extremely valuable! I say that because using those techniques, I only got asked ONE competency based question. I know that the same interview panel asked me just seven of them! So yes, it really worked.
Military Pilot / NetJets
A big thank you to Andrew and the Flight Deck Wingman team for the ‘IP to Flight Deck’ Course. For anybody thinking of attending, I can highly recommend it. Packed with useful information and delivered impeccably by Andrew and his team.
Military Pilot / Airline
Leaving the military is a daunting experience, but thanks to Andrew and his “Wingmen” I felt armed with the tools required to secure my first airline job. Having secured a place in two holding pools and with more interviews upcoming, I can vouch for the Flight Deck Wingman service - an invaluable ‘tool set’ that will give you the confidence and knowledge to succeed
Military Pilot / TUI
Andrew and his team gave me the skills and the confidence to do well in the selection process, and I look forward to starting the next stage of my career at the airline I wanted to work for all along. The real value in what Andrew offers is his time and knowledge, and I am extremely grateful for the personal interest Andrew took to ensure I was as prepared as I could be for the recruitment process.
Military Pilot / British Airways
Andrew provides an expert level of advice and guidance, I felt I was one step ahead of the assessors and interviewer throughout the whole process because of the preparation I had received on the IP to Flight Deck course. There is no need to look anywhere else.
Military Pilot / British Airways

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