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Simulator Assessment Preparation

It’s all about your flying, right? WRONG! When it comes to recruitment simulator assessments, many pilots focus solely on their …

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Why we won’t tell you what you’ll be asked in your pilot interview!

The phone rings… Client: “Hi, I have an assessment with TUI for their latest pilot recruitment process and I was …

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Simulator Assessments – Why your manual flying doesn’t matter!

Why your manual flying doesn’t matter Ok, so it matters…a bit; but not even half as much as most pilots …

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Why gaining an ATPL could cost you more than £500,000…

Dive into this article from Wingman Andrew – a useful story for anyone looking for that dream job on the …

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Captain Chris – An Aviation Life

If you enjoy this episode, please consider showing your support at this link 🙂 Chris, or “Captain Chris”  is an International …

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Air Race Pilot – Competitor 24 Ben Murphy

Ben Murphy is a former Royal Air Force front line fighter pilot, who also served as leader of the Royal …

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Simulator Assessments – Are You Prepared?

Here are our ‘Top Tips’ for a successful sim assessment! Did you know… That in one large airline’s recent sim …

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Not Just Flying Helicopters – The Privilege of Saving a Life

My guest in this episode is an old friend and former colleague that developed a flying career after leaving the …

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Top Tips For a Successful Application!

Applying for a new Pilot Opportunity? Here are our ‘Top Tips’ for a successful application! Dive into this article designed …

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Taking on Gravity

Richard Browning is a former oil trader and Royal Marines reservist who, over the period of several years, created a …

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Preparing for Simulator Assessments…

Dive into this article from Wingman Magdi – a highly experienced simulator assessment recruiter. If you have an upcoming simulator …

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Creating an effective Pilot CV

So what are the recruiters looking for in a pilot CV? We know that recruiters are frequently amazed how little …

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