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Welcome to this page, my name is Andrew. I’m a former fighter pilot turned airline pilot, aviation entrepreneur and the Director of Flight Deck Wingman. Here you can listen to our podcast as a source of inspiration, empowerment and motivation to anyone that ‘dreams bigger’. Joined by leading figures from the world of aviation, we look forward to you joining us on a journey of discovery and adventure, learning more about the experiences and personal challenges which have made us all what we are today.

If you’re a pilot and looking for some interesting articles to help you with your pilot journey, then you will also find some awesome articles to help you on your journey to the flight deck! If you’d like to add an article, join us as a guest on our podcast, or just have a suggestion for this page, then please follow the “Want to contribute” link – we’d be delighted to hear from you!


Newsletter February 2021

There are some great offers in this latest newsletter! Everything from free pilot aptitude testing, to some hidden discounts (search for them!) You can also

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Jumbo-sized dreams

Photo credit Chris Muir @airbusslave There can be few passenger aircraft more iconic than the mighty jumbo 747 – an engineering marvel and one of

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Birds of War!

Aviation is such a diverse profession and pastime and every person that has ever taken flight will remember one or two really special moments from

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COVID-19 So What Now?

COVID-19 and the impact upon the Aviation Industry It’s March 2020 and COVID-19 hits the aviation sector. At that stage, nobody could foresee the damage

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