Airline Assessment Preparation Course

All the help you need to ace your airline assessment.

Airline assessment and interview preparation courses for pilots attending an airline assessment day.

Want to excel at your upcoming airline assessment day?

Are you a current Airline Pilot looking to transition to a different airline? Perhaps you’re a military or rotary Pilot seeking your first Airline job? Flight Deck Wingman can assist! We possess extensive experience aiding pilots from around the world who are seeking to switch airlines, and we understand the critical importance of getting it right.

Our team of Wingmen consists entirely of current airline pilots. They will collaborate closely with you to ensure that you can effectively articulate all your hard-earned experience into a highly persuasive presentation of your key skills and competencies during any pilot interview and selection process. Did you know that our clients have successfully secured positions with more than 30 Airlines globally, including British Airways, TUI,, Emirates, easyJet, Norwegian and even flying float planes for Trans Maldivian! “Techniques Not Tip Offs” that you can rely on.

For those aspiring to become future airline and military pilots, we recommend visiting our sister site at, where you can find resources and support tailored to your specific needs.

Train to Prepare. Prepare to Succeed. Get Yourself a Wingman!

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Course Content

You will receive in-depth training and practical assessment in all of the following areas you might expect during an Airline assessment. “Techniques Not Tip Offs’ to be successful with any assessment!

You will receive in-depth training in all areas of a Flight School or Airline Sponsorship Assessment, including in-depth interview and group exercise training. Here’s what your Wingman will train:


Airline Ethos

Understanding an airline and its ethos is key to success. Our techniques will teach you how to transmit this at interview.

Interview Training

We know that you know that demonstrating core airline competencies is vital. We will train you in all of the core competencies you need to shine during your pilot interview, including easy to follow frameworks to answer those tricky pilot interview questions.

Group Exercise Techniques

Crew Resource Management and Human Factors are vital in the airline pilot world, working as a team to achieve a safe and successful outcome. We will ensure that you understand the key skills to shine during this the Group Exercise process designed to select the crucial skills required by its pilots.


Practical Assessment

Group Discussion Exercises

Together, you and your team mates will work together to solve two very different fictitious scenarios. These group exercises are extremely representative of a real pilot selection process. Get ready for an in-depth post flight debrief from your Wingman!

Interview Practical

An opportunity to practise navigating those tricky pilot interview questions! Flight Deck Wingman will provide you with invaluable feedback and support, plus you’ll have the chance to watch the other course members deliver their answers – a real benefit to all on the course!

Post Flight Debrief

Your Wingmen will be by your side to talk everything airline and answer any other questions you you might have about life in the airline world.

“I recently found out that I have been successful at my first application to a great company. I highly recommend Flight Deck Wingman. The mix of ex-military and civilian pilots on course gives you a great appreciation of what to expect on your assessment day. Thank you to you and all the team at Flight Deck Wingman.”

Simon – Military Pilot to TUI

All clients that choose to book onto our Airline Assessment Preparation Group Course will receive a free copy of our eBook. It’s packed full of training techniques and practical examples that will form an essential part of your training with us and doubles as an essential refresher ahead of any selection process.*

*£PRICE of eBook non-refundable if you subsequently cancel or curtail your training.

We understand that you’re smart and want to be ready for any potential Airline Assessment process! We also understand that sometimes plans can change and we don’t want you to worry about forgetting all of the awesome “Techniques Not Tip Offs” you will learn during your course. That’s why we give all of our clients the opportunity to come back and re-observe another course entirely for FREE! The only limitation we place is a maximum of two re-observers per course on a first come first served basis!*

*Preference will be given to clients that have not re-observed a course before.

Training locations & dates

You can find all available dates and locations for courses at the bottom of the page when you go to book your place. If no dates are showing, then more dates will be added soon –  please check back regularly or get in touch, we’d love to hear from you! Our courses are usually run at:

  • Hones Business Park in Farnham, Surrey

Booking Conditions

To ensure that each course has enough attendees for the practical assessment phases  of the day, we have included the following booking conditions for your reference – we can’t run a group exercise with just one attendee unfortunately! Please get in touch if you have any questions!

Minimum numbers

The course date is provisional until minimum numbers of 3 attendees have booked a place. When minimum numbers are achieved, the course will be confirmed and you will be notified.¹

What if minimum numbers are not achieved by the course date?

A full refund will be issued on the course date if minimum numbers are not achieved.

Cancellation & rescheduling policy 

¹ You may cancel and receive a full refund at any point until the course is confirmed. Once a course is confirmed (we will email you), the following policy applies:

  1. Cancellation >10 days from a confirmed course date: 50% refund.
  2. Cancellation < 10 days from a confirmed course date: no refund is payable.
  3. Rescheduling to a different date once a course is confirmed is at the sole discretion of Flight Deck Wingman.

Note: Current serving military personnel will be offered a full refund at any stage due service reasons. Evidence to support cancellation will be required.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We get asked a lot of questions about our Airline Assessment Preparation Course as we strive to help pilots join their airline of choice.

Yes! Our easy to use pilot interview and group exercise training techniques are proven to work for any airline assessment process. Our clients have a 99% success rate in passing their airline assessments after attending this course.

Airlines frequently ask questions in the following categories: Getting to know you, scenario based questions, industry and company,  competency based questions and end of the interview. We will train you in techniques to answer questions in all of these categories.

Aside from you having to meet their mandatory entry requirements, they use their assessment process to look for evidence that you have the skills and qualities (known as competencies) that they require from you as both a pilot and as an employee. Our course will train you in these competencies and how to evidence them.

The key to passing a pilot interview is to “evidence competencies”. This is not as difficult as it may sound, but you must do so effectively. Simply stating “I have good communication skills” is not evidencing competencies. Flight Deck Wingman are experts at helping pilots excel during their pilot interviews by training them to evidence competencies.

Thoroughly and in advance! You must start your preparation early and ensure that both you technical knowledge, company knowledge and ability to evidence competencies for the non-technical elements of an interview is sound. We would strongly advise not waiting to be called for an interview before starting your preparation.  A good place to start is the Flight Deck Wingman pilot Interview and Group Exercise eBook

A group exercise is a group discussion exercise in which a group of around 3-6 candidates work together to resolve a fictitious problem. The problem may be aviation related, or completely non-aviation related. During the Flight Deck Wingman Airline Assessment Preparation course you will partake in two practical group exercises – one technical and one completely non-technical.

Pilot group exercises make it difficult not to be the “naked you”! We don’t mean you with no clothes on of course! In this context, this means that your natural character will likely show and this could be the key to success, or not… Evidencing key skills like communication and valuing other members of the team are essential to success. Trying to “win” the group exercise as an individual is not likely to result in success. Book onto a Flight Deck Wingman Airline Assessment Preparation course today. You can start your preparation by purchasing a copy of our Interview and Group Exercise eBook here.

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