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Expert advice on how to create the best pilot CV on the market.


Airline Pilot CV writing and airline pilot CV assistance.

Some airline application and assessment companies use CV templates - we don't.

Unlike other companies we don’t use “templates” to create pilot applications. Not only is this a lazy approach to creating an application, it also means that your application may not stand out from the crowd. Perhaps even more importantly, templated applications are easily recognised by recruitment teams!

Flight Deck Wingman will ensure that you are equipped with the necessary knowledge, skills and attributes that will make your pilot CV stand out from the crowd-for all the right reasons. We will teach you the “Techniques Not Tip Offs” to create a powerful pilot CV for any Airline or Flight School Application! What’s more, it’s all done face to face on Skype with one of the Wingman team! So whether you are applying to an Airline like British Airways, Singapore Airlines, TUI (enter Airline here!) or a Flight School like CAE, L3Harris or Skyborne Academy, we will ensure that you give yourself the best chance of getting that all-important interview!

Train to Prepare. Prepare to Succeed. Get Yourself a Wingman! 

Freedom to choose the right level of help to get your pilot CV sorted.

We understand that you’re already invested financially into your flying training. That’s why we offer a range of different levels of service to fit every budget. Click on the different levels to see the options available to help create your perfect Airline or Flight School Pilot CV. 

Your Wingman’s mission in the Level 1 CV session is to train you in the “Techniques” to leave the session confident that you can independently re-attack and significantly improve your pilot CV. It includes the following steps:

  • A pre-session review of your current CV by your Wingman. (You will be asked to attach your current CV when you book your service)
  • A one hour face-to-face Skype session with your Wingman using ‘screen sharing’
  • Detailed content and layout discussion
  • Essential pilot competencies and integration into your CV discussed
  • Leave the session with the “Techniques” to independently re-attack and significantly improve your CV

If you really want to make your pilot CV stand out from the crowd, then we recommend that you show your chosen Airline or Flight School why you are the perfect fit for their operation! Your Wingman will train you how to integrate their ethos into your pilot CV. It includes the following steps:

  • All Level 1 steps plus…
  • An extra 30 minutes teaching the integration of your chosen airline or academy ethos
  • Learning the techniques to replicate for any Airline or Flight School
  • Leave the session with the “Techniques” to independently re-attack and significantly improve your CV

If you want your Wingman to finalise your pilot CV with you, then this is the ultimate service! We place no session or time limits on this service – you can book as many sessions as are required to finalise your pilot CV. We are confident that this service from Flight Deck Wingman will not be bettered – anywhere! 

  • All Level 1 & 2 steps plus…
  • Unlimited time/Skype sessions to create the best Pilot CV on the market
  • Leave with a finalised CV that will give you the very best chance of getting to that all-important pilot interview!

Combine a Level 3 CV with the Level 3 Covering Letter service and save £80! For clients that would like to complete both a CV and Cover Letter as part of their application to their chosen Airline or Flight School, you can choose to combine Level 3 services and save! Individually, these services would cost £398, but combine and pay £318 for unlimited time and Skype sessions to create your application.*

*Must be purchased simultaneously as a combination. Both services must be for the same Airline or Flight School. You must complete both services within one month of booking your initial slot.

Don’t know which level to choose? Don’t worry – we got you! You can always upgrade at any stage and we won’t place any additional charge on your upgrade – it’s just the difference between the level you first chose and the new level you’d like!* Upgrading is easy, just choose the upgrade you’d like below and book your slot. We are always happy to discuss what’s right for you… No commitment, no charge – just get in touch!

*Use the “Combine & Save” offer to save on the Level 3 services. Savings only available if booking the Combine & Save deal when booking a CV/Cover Letter service –  not available retrospectively.

Don’t worry – your Wingman will help you create a CV from scratch using the Level 3 service! Book today and let’s get started! Make sure you check out our “Combine & Save” Level 3 service!

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