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Airline interview and airline application preparation for current airline pilots.

Sometimes it's time to move on...

We understand that sometimes it’s time to look at new and exciting options in your pilot career. Whether though choice, or as a result of redundancy, getting your next career move right is one of the most important decisions a professional pilot can make.

All of the Flight Deck Wingman team have been through this process and understand the pressure to get it right. Missing out on the job you want can have career ramifications that can extend long into a career that is still largely driven by “date of joining”. If you’ve not been through a process in some time, or maybe you’ve never been through a modern day recruitment processes, you’ve come to the right place. We have helped pilots apply to more than 25 Airlines across the globe including Emirates, Qatar, Cathay Pacific, Virgin Atlantic, British Airways and easyJet to name just a few, so whoever you’re applying to – Get Yourself a Wingman!

Recent Feedback

Andrew conducts his business with the utmost of professionalism, and I would not hesitate to recommend his services to any other pilot facing the often intimidating world of airline recruitment.
Current Airline Pilot / Virgin Atlantic
I can highly recommend Flight Deck Wingman for any pilot of any experience about to go through airline pilot selection. As an experienced pilot, both RAF and airline, I felt able to answer pretty much anything that could come up in an interview, but it was very clear when going through practise questions with Andrew that I was far from the polished article and not really tuned into the airline and its ethos that I had set my sights on. The one to one coaching session was invaluable and I felt far more comfortable and confident on the day when I went for selection at which I was successful.
Current Airline Pilot / Virgin Atlantic
I contacted Andrew after working in the industry for over 11 years for some help with the interview process. Not having been in the job market for so long it was a little daunting. I would not hesitate to recommend Flight Deck Wingman to anyone looking to enter or move within the industry. He helped me to understand the skills and competencies that recruiters were looking for, and how to construct answers highlighting my own skills and experience.
Current Airline Pilot / TUI
I fully endorse Flight Deck Wingman to anyone who requires any help/guidance for an upcoming airline selection or job interview. It will give you the edge to get ahead of the competition!
Current Airline Pilot / Virgin Atlantic
I found the course very helpful and also compliments very nicely any personal prep done beforehand. I’d say that your own personal preparation creates a lot of useful dots of information in your mind, the flight deck day then helps to join these dots to create a solid model for what is required to approach recruitment processes.
Current Airline Pilot / British Airways
Andrew came highly recommended from colleagues who had recently used FDW to help transition to a new company. He was exactly the service I needed to offer invaluable support which fully prepared and specifically tailored my interview style.
Current Airline Pilot / Virgin Atlantic

Application Assistance

Getting through the selection door only comes with an effective airline pilot application. We can help.

Airline Interview Technique Coaching

Interview & Group Discussion Coaching

Learn the skills you'll need to ace that all important airline pilot interview and Group Exercise.

Airline Pilot Skills Test

If you'd just like to judge your level of readiness for a pilot selection process, this Skills Test is a great indicator.

Covering Letter

We can help you get your experience and attributes across, with a highly effective pilot covering letter.

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Create a highly effective effective pilot CV, impressing the recruitment team and helping to ensure an interview.

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No matter what your level of experience, our Airline Assessment courses will help you shine.