Pilot Interview and Group Exercise eBook

Pilot interviews and Group Exercises can be a challenge. Our eBook will help you best prepare for them.

Airline interview and airline group exercise guide for pilots attending airline assessment days.

Helping you to make the right impression.

We have lots of experience helping pilots achieve success during their pilot interview and group exercise assessment phases. We understand that this can be a daunting prospect for any pilot, whether aspiring or experienced. That’s why we have produced an extensive eBook to help you prepare for your assessment. 

Techniques Not tip Offs! Flight Deck Wingman believes that relying on inside information on pilot recruitment processes is not an effective way to prepare! This online eBook is packed full of useful “Techniques” and easy to use frameworks that you can use to answer any pilot interview question, or pass any Airline or Flight School group exercise. 

Train to Prepare. Prepare to Succeed. Get Yourself a Wingman! 

Interview & Group Exercise eBook

Train to Prepare! It’s vitally important to be prepared for any assessment process, that’s why we have condensed all of the awesome Flight Deck Wingman techniques into an online eBook packed full of easy to use frameworks and examples to ace any assessment process!

Our eBook is packed full of easy to follow frameworks to ace any pilot interview and group exercise. Totalling more than 75 pages, the eBook looks at the following areas:

  • Introduction to Airline and Flight School Assessments.
  • How to evidence competencies during the interview.
  • Understanding a company ethos.
  • Pilot interview frameworks for all of the question categories you can expect.
  • Detailed example answers to all pilot interview category questions.
  • Common errors and problems answered.
  • Pilot Group Exercise Techniques and evidencing key skills.
  • Solutions for solving the pilot Group Ex problem.
  • Individual “planning exercises”.
  • A vast pilot interview question bank with which to practice putting the “Techniques” into action!

Conducted via one of our group training days, or face-to-face and online via Skype, our training is impactful and can even be bespoke to both you and the Airline or Flight School you are applying to. Using our proven interview techniques, our training options include:

Assessment Preparation Day Courses

Check out our “Flight School Assessment Preparation Course” & “Airline Assessment Preparation Course” pages for more details on our group pilot assessment preparation courses.

Online Interview and Group Exercise training

Check out our online training and group courses here for more information on our industry leading pilot assessment preparation training.

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