Unemployment support for Pilots affected by the COVID crisis.

Pilot colleagues. Flight Deck Wingman is here to help.

During these unprecedented times for the aviation industry, we understand that now more than ever, Pilots need our support. At Flight Deck Wingman, our mission is to help all aspiring and current pilots maximise their potential & achieve their dream airline job, so to hear that so many of you are suffering the fallout from the effects of COVID-19 upon the industry, is deeply upsetting. Previously providing independent support to Pilots from Thomas Cook and flyBe, we understand the professional and personal life events that so many of you will be experiencing right now. We have designed this page as a resource centre which we hope will assist you when you need it the most.

If you want somebody to talk to, would like to discuss your personal situation, or have a question relating to pilot recruitment, then head on down to the bottom of the page where you can book a free career support call with the Wingman team.

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Career Transition Services

If you’re looking to give yourself the best chance of getting to and through a non-flying role application but don’t know where to start – you’ve come to the right place. Our bespoke application and interview preparation services will give you the confidence and knowledge to find success.

Our highly effective training techniques are proven to deliver success and not just for pilot roles. What’s more, we have streamlined our normal services and discounted our normal rates to assist pilots applying for non-flying roles. We can offer expert support in the following areas for no-pilot role applications:

  • CV creation for non-pilot roles
  • Covering Letter creation for non-pilot roles
  • Interview Training & Coaching for non-pilot roles

Click here to access more details for these services.

Yes! We have already applied discounts for pilots using our “Career Transition Services” to apply for non-pilot roles. The following discounts have been applied to our normal prices;

  • £30 on the CV service for non-pilot applications
  • £20 on the Cover Letter service for non-pilot applications
  • £10 on the hourly interview training service for non-pilot applications

What’s more, for clients choosing out CV and Cover Letter services via the Career Transition Support Page”, we will offer you a 25% discount on our normal service price for pilot CV and Cover Letter creation.*

 * T’s and C’s Apply as follows:

  1. Clients that complete a Career Transition CV or Cover Letter service and subsequently purchase a pilot CV or Cover Letter service must contact us to claim their discount before purchasing the new service.
  2. New service must be booked within 6 months of the original Career Transition Support Service.
Unemployment FAQs​

Pilot colleagues, here at Flight Deck Wingman, we consider you all part of the Wingman “formation” and are here to help. That’s why we have created an unemployment FAQ section designed to act as a resource to try and answer the many questions we know you will have, but may not have the capacity to research yourselves at this time.

We have created a place for you to get answers to common questions you might have if you are currently not employed as a pilot. If you can’t find an answer to your question, then follow the process detailed on the unemployment support FAQ page and we will endeavour to find a solution and post it ASAP.

Access our unemployment FAQ page here.

Training Providers and Opportunities

We will be adding training providers and other employment opportunities when we become aware of them and attempt to keep them up-to-date, including indicating any expired opportunities. 

Whilst pilot job opportunities are thin on the ground (indeed in the air) we are actively researching and adding opportunities for employment and from organisations that are doing their bit to help pilots in need.

Access our Pilot Opportunities page here.

Claiming Training through a Job Centre Plus

Flight Deck Wingman and other training providers are registered as a LVP suppliers with the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), which means that if you are unemployed or have been placed under notice of redundancy, then you may be able to make a claim for training through your local Job Centre Plus (JCP). 

This service is for Pilots that have been placed under notice of redundancy or those that have received confirmation of redundancy. You may be able to claim training via the “Rapid Response Service” through your Job Centre Plus (JCP). Note that this scheme is only available within 13 weeks of being made redundant. The Rapid Response funding ethos is to help with removing a barrier to employment.

Pilots not eligible for the Rapid Response Service: You may be able to claim training via other job centre processes – see below.

You will need to register with a Job Centre Plus (JCP): The Job Centre Plus (JCB) provide assistance to those who are unemployed and claiming benefits. Their aim it is to help people of working age find employment in the UK. You can find details on how to contact the JCP here.

The DWP website states that you can get free training if you’re unemployed and:

Your Jobcentre work coach will tell you what training you can do.

There are some things you should do ahead of a meeting with your JCP work coach:

If you want to discuss your training needs and what Flight Deck Wingman services might be best for you, then we would be very happy to help. Please contact us here or book a free career support call at the bottom of this page.

Need someone to talk to? We are here to help

We know that pilots that are currently grounded will have a lot of questions that they would like answered. We also understand that some will just want someone to chat to. That’s why we are giving any pilot that has been affected by job loss and the subdued pilot job market, the opportunity to chat to a Wingman – for free.

It’s super easy to book your free 15 minute call. Just head on down to the bottom of this page and follow the booking link!

What kind of thing can we talk about?:

  • I’d just like someone to talk to – is that ok? (100% YES!)
  • What can I do to be proactive in the current climate?
  • Is it worth getting my CV up-to-date?
  • Should I consider working overseas?
  • When is the market likely to recover?
  • Should I pay for my own type rating?
  • …and anything in-between!

*Please note that this service does not replace any of the paid Flight Deck Wingman services.

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