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Top Tips For a Successful Application!

Applying for a new Pilot Opportunity? Here are our ‘Top Tips’ for a successful application! Dive into this article designed …

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Taking on Gravity

Richard Browning is a former oil trader and Royal Marines reservist who, over the period of several years, created a …

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Preparing for Simulator Assessments…

Dive into this article from Wingman Magdi – a highly experienced simulator assessment recruiter. If you have an upcoming simulator …

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Creating an effective Pilot CV

So what are the recruiters looking for in a pilot CV? We know that recruiters are frequently amazed how little …

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Tornado – In The Eye Of The Storm

He is one of the best known aviation personalities out there, a journalist, broadcaster and author of 16 acclaimed books …

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Aerobility – If I can fly an aeroplane, what else can I do?

Mike Miller-Smith MBE, CEO (right) and Harvey Matthewson, Activities Officer (left) for the Aerobility charity Being able to take flight …

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Jumbo-sized dreams

Photo credit Chris Muir @airbusslave There can be few passenger aircraft more iconic than the mighty jumbo 747 – an …

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Gliding – it’s the closest you can come to being a bird…

Photo credit – Clement Allen Photography Have you ever looked up at the sky and seen a bird of prey …

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Looking for a pilot job? They’re watching you!

Image credit manpreet singh What kind of thing are we talking about? In what is a clearly emotive time for …

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Birds of War!

Aviation is such a diverse profession and pastime and every person that has ever taken flight will remember one or …

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Women in Aviation International – redraw the balance

In this episode, we go “international” and speak with no less than four guests! All of them are inspirational characters, …

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COVID-19 So What Now?

COVID-19 and the impact upon the Aviation Industry It’s March 2020 and COVID-19 hits the aviation sector. At that stage, …

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