It’s all about your flying, right? WRONG!

When it comes to recruitment simulator assessments, many pilots focus solely on their manual flying skills. While these are certainly important, they’re only one of nine key pilot competencies that are assessed during a simulator assessment.

In order to excel in a recruitment simulator assessment, it’s important to demonstrate competence across all nine areas. This requires careful preparation and training, as well as a deep understanding of what assessors are looking for.

That’s where Flight Deck Wingman comes in. Our courses are specifically designed to help pilots develop and evidence the full range of pilot competencies during a simulator assessment. Our experienced instructors provide one-on-one coaching and feedback to help you identify and address areas of weakness, and our training covers all of the common areas and reasons that candidates fail their simulator assessments.

What’s more, our lead instructor, Wingman Magdi, is one of the most experienced pilot recruiters in the industry. He brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to each and every training session, ensuring that you’re fully prepared to excel in your simulator assessment and secure your dream aviation job.

Don’t leave your future to chance. Invest in the training and support you need to succeed in your aviation career. Contact Flight Deck Wingman today to learn more about our pilot competency training courses!

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