Why we won’t tell you what you’ll be asked in your pilot interview!

The phone rings…

Client: “Hi, I have an assessment with TUI for their latest pilot recruitment process and I was wondering if you knew what they asked?”

Flight Deck Wingman: “I’m sorry, but that’s not our ethos. It’s not ethical and it’s also not in your best interests”.

Since its inception, Flight Deck Wingman has been asked the same (or similar) questions hundreds of times and our answer is always the same. Not only would sharing internal recruitment information be unethical, it is a terrible way to prepare! Sure, we understand that it’s in peoples interests to find a “shortcut” to prepare, but consider these factors…

The perils of rehearsal!

  1. The question you were expecting does appear. “Great!”, you think say to yourself. Then you see the recruiters eyes glaze over as they realise that you are delivering a rehearsed answer. They dig deeper, you don’t know how to respond…
  2. The questions you were expecting kind of appears, but it subtly different. “Great!”, you think, “It’s almost the same as the one I was expecting”. You deliver your rehearsed answer and don’t answer the recruiters question. Their eyes glaze over. They dig deeper…(you get the idea!)
  3. A different question is asked. “Crap, I didn’t expect this!”, you say to yourself. You deliver a rambling, non-impactful answer…


The same premise exists for all stages of a recruitment process. Relying on inside tips offs is a risky strategy. Those that have prepared thoroughly with effective training will surpass your performance at interview by a country mile.

“Not only would sharing internal recruitment information be unethical, it is a terrible way to prepare!

Techniques Not Tip Offs

Flight Deck Wingman’s training techniques are founded in training you how to effectively evidence competencies at an interview and assessment process. Recruitment teams are looking for evidence (the proof) that you have these competencies and that you will ultimately be a commercial asset to them.

Clients undertake training on a Flight Deck Wingman Airline Assessment Preparation Course.

It really is simple…evidence competencies and you will get the job!

It really is this simple. Understanding what competencies are being assessed and then evidencing them during your pilot assessment is the key to a successful assessment process, whether that is at the interview, group assessment, or simulator stage.

Flight Deck Wingman are experts at helping pilots excel at their airline assessments. We will train you in all of the key skills required to evidence these competencies and give yourself the best chance of being successful! To learn more, visit www.flightdeckwingman.com and click on the “services” menu. Our clients have found success with more than 35 airlines around the world including TUI, British Airways, Jet2.com, Aer Lingus, Ryanair, Emirates and more…

Flight Deck Wingman provide the most comprehensive range of pilot assessment preparation services on the market.


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