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Chris, or “Captain Chris”  is an International Airbus A330/A350 Training Captain and Examiner, having logged over 25,000 flying hours, flying for 6 different airlines in his 40 year career as a pilot. From humble beginnings in Melbourne Australia where he saved as a young boy for flying lessons, he qualified for his CPL at 19 and worked as an instructor and Aussie Bush Pilot flying anything and anywhere to gain precious flying hours to get his first airline position with Ansett Airlines in Australia from there his career took him all over the world with some very interesting adventures as we’ll soon find out. During the pandemic he began an instagram account to promote Aviation, encourage people to buy airline tickets and support all pilots, cabin crew and airline personnel with his daily posts of positivity. He now has over 330,000 Followers and is a true Aviation Ambassador.

“…And I was like – is this your job? And they were like – yes. And I was like – do you get paid for this?! “

Captain Chris @captainchris has more than 330,000 instagram followers and his daily posts of positivity are viewed by hundreds of thousands every day!


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