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What will be involved as part of my application and assessment?

As you may already know, airlines employ subtly different application and assessment strategies. Our competency-based training techniques are tailored to help you navigate these variations effortlessly, ensuring that you are well-prepared for any application or assessment you encounter. Until a scheme officially opens, we won’t know what will be required, but when it does, this is a typical recruitment journey:

“Our competency-based training techniques are tailored to help you navigate these variations effortlessly, ensuring that you are well-prepared for any application or assessment you encounter.”

STAGE 1 – Initial Screening

This will involve screening candidates to check that they meet the eligibility (entry) criteria for the advertised scheme. Typically, this requires you to submit a CV and sometimes a covering letter, or to answer some application questions.

Application Services:

Presenting a strong application is crucial for leaving a lasting impression. Our ‘Application Support’ services cover everything from refining your CV to crafting compelling Cover Letters and mastering Essay Questions. We help you showcase your skills effectively, providing you with a solid foundation for success. Book CV support. From £74.99 Book Covering Letter support. From £149.99 Application Question support. From £49.99

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Ground Level CV Feedback:

Our GROUND LEVEL CV service provides invaluable written feedback on your CV.

CV and Covering Letter eBook:

Our CV and Covering Letter eBook is packed full of detailed tips for a successful initial application!

STAGE 2 – Interview and Group Assessment

Interview and Group Exercise Services:

Interviews and group exercises are pivotal stages in the cadetship selection process. Our Expert Competency-Based Training Techniques equip you with the skills and confidence needed to excel in interviews and group assessments. Regardless of the airline, you’ll be prepared to demonstrate your capabilities confidently. Our ‘Assessment Preparation’ support can be conducted 1-2-1 online or as part of our group courses. Book Airline Assessment Preparation course£359.99 Book Online Interview and Group Exercise support. From £199.99. You might also like to take our Pilot Skills Assessment which offers a comprehensive assessment with detailed feedback on your suitability and readiness for an Airline Cadetship Scheme assessment. Book Pilot Skills Assessment. From £229.99.

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Airline Assessment Preparation course:

Our Airline Assessment Preparation Courses contain a full day of detailed training, practical assessment and feedback.

Interview and Group Exercise eBook:

Our Interview and Group Exercise eBook is packed full of detailed tips for a successful assessment and comes with a discount code against selected services.

Pilot Skills Assessment:

Our Pilot Skills Assessment is used by leading flight schools to assess their students. It includes pilot aptitude testing, an interview and a written report.

STAGE 3 – Possible Simulator Assessment

Simulator Assessment Preparation Services:

This stage is less likely for cadetship schemes, but may still form part of the process. We have a range of services and partners that can assist here, so if you make it to this stage, please contact us for more information.

Simulator Assessment Preparation:

To learn more about our industry leading Simulator Assessment Preparation courses, contact us.

OTHER USEFUL SERVICES – Career Support and Mentorship

Our Career Support Call Services:

Our expert team is dedicated to providing you with guidance and support on all matters related to your pilot career. Whether you have general queries or need advice on your next steps, our ‘Career Support Call’ service is your reliable source of information and we welcome parents or guardians joining the call. Important! You must have a parent or guardian present if you are under the age of 18. Book Career support£49.99/30 minutes

Our Flight Training Mentorship Services:

Embarking on a pilot journey can be both exhilarating and demanding. Our ‘Mentorship Program’ offers you a confidential space to discuss concerns, gain insights, and receive guidance during your flying training. Book Mentoring. £49.99/30 minutes

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Career support call:

Wingman Andrew is one of the experienced Flight Deck Wingman mentors and career advisors.

Flight Training Mentoring:

We can offer career support and flight training mentoring – supporting you to make effective career decisions


To make our services even more accessible, we’ve included availability details at the bottom of each service page for both online and group training courses. In the event that no availability is displayed, we recommend following us on Instagram. Our “Story” updates will inform you of newly added availability, ensuring you never miss an opportunity, but we do recommend that you also check for availability regularly.

For further insights, we invite you to read our useful article for all aspiring airline cadets: Preparing for Airline Cadetship Schemes. If you are looking to prepare for ‘reasoning tests’, then you might like to take a look at www.assessmentday.co.uk

Here’s to your success soaring to new heights!

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